Wiksten Haori

I have made 3 Wiksten Haoris in double gauze the past few days; it is a fast and fun sew, and I had some tweaking to do!

I sized down two sizes from my measurements in all of them, I made size XS.

On the first one, the navy/mustard, I made the collar half width, only cutting one collar piece and folding it. It is the mid-length, and I enlarged the pockets from side seam to collar, curving it at top. I loved this version! This double gauze is from stofdepotet.dk and very soft and nice.

The second one was almost identical to the first, only on this I made the collar as per the pattern. Also, I added the large pockets on both sides. This created an enormous amount of bulk on my hips. I kind of liked the wide collar, but hated the overall look af the jacket! I felt so frumpy in it. This double gauze is from stof&stil, and not as soft and drapey as the other.

For the third one, I used the same fabric as for the second. This one, I cut the length between short and mid, making it 6 cm shorter than the others. I also shaved of an inch of the collar width, and used the smallest pockets (intended for the short version). I absolutely, totally love this version!

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