Summer jersey tops

I really need t-shirts, I have 2. Seriously, TWO! So I should be bulk-making, which is why I made these 3 different t shirts today, to see which pattern I like best.  Itch to stitch Lago tank (free pattern!), Papercut Ensis tee and my self drafted t-shirt pattern that is kind of crazy; it has 2 darts in the front and 3 in the back. I was just getting enough of ill-fitting tees when I drafted this pattern, and it really is worth it to get a fit like this 🙂

For all the tops I used a lightweight rayon/ viskose jersey, I have bought this in so many colors as I love it! Very soft and drapey. I have overlocked/ serged them together, and used my coverstitch for finishing bottoms and sleeves. I must admit that I rarely use my coverstitch, but when I do.. Oh, my, lovely machine, and the finish is so professional.

Generally I struggle with getting neck bands laying flat/ not being so tight that there are wrinkles. I HATE this! I saw someone who measured while sewing the bands on, I will try this next time.

I will probably make 2 more of each of these, as they are all great in their own way.

The jeans in these photos are Itch to stitch Lianas – love that pattern.

Lago tank

I have the feeling that Itch to stitch is not really that well known, and it is very strange to me. In my opinion, ITS patterns are some of the most well drafted patterns out there, and the PDFs always fit beautifully together, with layers so you only need to print the sizes you need. Love it! The garments always have very nice details and great fit. Also, measurements of the finished garments are included, LOVE that! I’m just a huge ITS-fan girl!

I needed a tank, and Google told me that the Lago has a relaxed fit which is what I was after. Per the measurements table I was between a size 2 and 4 on top and size 10 at the hips, so I printed size 4 and 8, grading between them. As always, everything came easily together, and I really like the fit of this. I should have made the neck- and armhole bands a bit shorter to make them lay flat, I always struggle with this, getting the length just perfect.


I cut the Ensis in size small as per the measurement table. The pattern itself is annoying, no layers, all sizes is lined in black, and the pattern pieces didn’t match up. I had Googled before hand, and could see that very many versions looked funny at the colorblocking, there was sort of a “bump” here. When I saw the pattern pieces, it was clear why: The pieces didn’t match up.. I corrected this and sewed it up, it came very easy together.

I really like the colorblocking, and I find the shape of it very flattering too. I might use this as basic T-shirt pattern in the future. I made the version without cuffs and with a slightly rounded curve at the bottom. I might add just a bit more room at my hip.

Selfdraftet tee

I made this plain red t-shirt, and added “Tesla in suit” to it. I made the stencil yesterday, using a photo of Tesla and Corel Painter and cutting the htv on my silhouette cameo. I think he looks very cute and ready for work!

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