Sleeveless Demeter top + Clara leggins

So, summer has hit Denmark and I needed some clothing for warm weather. I made the Anna Allen Demeter top in the sleeveless version, adding 6 cm to bodice length, grading from size 4 in top, 6 on bottom. I did my usual shoulder slope adjustment as well. I really like this top, and will make a few more; I don’t often wear sleeveless, but that might change with Demeter. I like the neckline and arm scye, not too revealing. I made this tester Demeter in scraps of double gauze which ended up being a nice color blocking.

So, I am always needing shorts; I am very much a pear shape, often 2-3 sizes bigger in the hips than the waist. This means that all the cute pull on shorts looks enormous on me, as I need to be able to pull them around my hips. This year I have just given up, planning to sew 2-3 pairs of bicycle shorts. I don’t feel swamped in them. I used the Jalie Clara leggings pattern. The first one I cut according to my size (size U waist, W waist). They came very tight; very comfortable, but the pattern on the shorts was stretched out and distorted, not a good look. So I sizes up 2 sizes in the hip to size Y, and now they are perfect for DBP. I will probably use the tighter pattern when making these in athletic fabrics (I have some on the way for more shorts!).

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