Lonetree jacket

OK, I must start with saying that I love this pattern! It is easy to make, everything fits beautifully together and I love the style of the jacket. I loved my yellow twill Lonetree, but in this climate it makes no sense. Most days it rains, and it is very windy, so I need something waterproof and windproof.

I used an outdoor fabric that is wind- and water proof, and lined with flannel in the body and viscose/ rayon in the sleeves (to have them slippery enough to put on). This jacket is for the winter months, to use when I ride my bike, which I do to work, for visiting people etc. For this reason I changed the hood, so the hood will follow my head when I turn it, IMO it is way to dangerous to ride a bike when wearing a traditional hood 🙂

I made size L, grading to size XL at the hips. I only made smaller changes:

  • I added width and height to the hood as well as a drawstring and extra lining in the front, using the outside fabric
  • I added length to the body, around 2″
  • I underlined the whole thing
  • I moved the drawstring casing up around 1″
  • I lowered the top pockets around 1/2″
  • I made the lower pockets significantly larger and added a placket too to add volume
  • I made an inner pocket for my phone and credit card
  • I added a zipper placket (and forgot to interface it! Duh!)

For my next version I will move the shoulder point in with around 1/2″ and might slim the sleeves a bit from the elbow down.

I love this, and predict it will get a lot of wear 🙂 Here you can see the inner pocket, I made it with a zipper for extra safety:

And the pretty floral viscose/ rayon in the sleeves. I really wanted navy flannel for the body, but it was impossible to find! In the end I ordered some online, and when I received it it was so heavy, and too stiff. So I just used the grey from the local fabric store, it is very soft.

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