Liana stretch jeans – number.. I have lost count!

I LOVE Itch to stitch patterns, and the most loved of them all are the Liana stretch jeans.  I have made several, you can use the search function to see them all. To me they are spot on like RTW jeans. I like my jeans with low rise, but after flirting with the Gingers I found out that I sort of maybe liked the high rise. I have cut the Gingers I made to shorts, and I use them regularly. I had a pair of cut Lianas laying in my sewing room, and I couldn’t remember if they were altered. So I just decided to sew them, and it turns out they are Lianas with a higher rise.

It is difficult to take pictures of the black jeans, I have tried to lighten the photos a bit:

I used a black stretch denim from Rijs. Usually I use their denim without polyester, but I sort of like this too, it is a bit more uneven in the coloring, which to me looks more like RTW jeans. This is not quite as stretchy as the one I usually use, so I had to use a smaller seam allowance in the side seams. They are definitely snug, but comfy, and they are not too tight in the waist which is the most important to me.

And I am undecided – my reservations with the higher rise is that there is sort of an edge or bump where the jeans stop. I could have tightened the waistband a bit more, that might help with this, but I don’t like the waistband too snug either. My shirts tend to cling to this bump, and I really don’t like it. What I DO like is that when I sit, I have a very smooth silhouette, no muffin top happening. So it is really either one thing or another I don’t like; when walking around with the high rise, or sitting in the low rise.

You see what I mean? Not a fan!

I have the fit spot on I think – for these I added some width at the calves, for a not-totally-skinny-jeans look. I haven’t decided on the length yet, so I have just turned them up.

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