Liana stretch jeans, light blue

So, I finally made my light blue denim Lianas, absolutely love them!! This time I added an additional 3 cm in the length of the legs, and will wait with hemming until they have been washed 3 or 4 times, as my jeans tend to become too short. I have now made 4 Lianas, and are planning two more pairs; in petrol blue denim, and in red tartan stretch. This pattern now fits me absolutely perfect  I must say this a very, very well drafted pattern. I have several Itch -to-stitch patterns on my to-do list, and hope they are just as nice as the Lianas 🙂

This time I used women cotton as inside of the waist band – I always struggle to find the perfect balance between comfy and recovery so they will not stretch forever! It feels nice and snug, so I think it will work very well 🙂

As I always, I am not sure about the back pockets, but I think I ended up placing therm too high on these. I don’t think I will move them down, but for my next pair I will. Maybe I will wait until the end before placing the pockets, it is just so much easier in the beginning before everything is assembled.

But, I am very happy with them, and thankfully I don’t see the back when I wear them 😉

Besides, these jeans took me FOREVER to make; the sewing machine suddenly stopped working, the top stitching came out all wonky and so on. I had to unpick a ridiculously amount of times :p It is so strange; sometimes sewing is just smooth sailing, other times everything acts up!

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