Liana again – trying with flare

OK, I am definitely a skinny-jeans kind of girl, and have been for the last decade. Before that, my jeans were bootcut, and I didn’t even think about it. And whenever I see someone in jeans with flare, I really like it, so I decided to go for it myself. Besides that, I love sewing jeans! It is easy, and it looks so good with the top stitching. And I were jeans almost everyday.

The pattern is itch to stitch Liana (as always, GREAT pattern!), the fabric is from the stash, I cannot remember where I got it. It is not my usual from Rijs, as this has a bit more structure and a lot more stretch.

Well, with a flare they looked like this:

I think they look pretty good! The flare balances my wide hips nicely, and I think they are quite modern.

but.. I don’t like wearing them. WAY too much flare, the fabric flopping around. So I tried to take the flare in 1″ in one leg (your right), and a bit more in the other:

Again, I think the leg with most flare are the one most flattering for my shape. But.. Again, I didn’t like the flopping sensation. So I opted for the stove pipe, being very proud of my self for not choosing to make them skinny! (And well, I can always change them into skinny hehe!).

And the most important view of jeans:

I forgot to add my Kilovolt label to the back pockets, I might do that later:

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