Liana jeans disguised as Jamie jeans!

I finished my “Lianas disguised as Jamies”. I have both patterns, but when I traced the Jamies I could see that the angle between waist and legs are very different from the Lianas, so I changed the front of the Lianas to resemble the Jamies instead 🙂

The fabric is a beautiful, very dark blue denim, and I used grey top stitching thread, I think that turned out very well.

I enjoyed making them, I really like making jeans, but I don’t think that the pockets flatter my pear shape. Somehow the contrast pocket make my hips look wider (I am a happy pear, no self-body shaming going on, but obviously wants to look good 🙂 ). Another thing – when I was installing the jans button it broke (!), and it was my last one, so I just sewed a regular Botton in, and will replace with a real button (placed a bit more to the left). Hmm, my verdict: The “plain” version of the Lianas are still my all time favorite jeans. I will try to wear these around the house to see if I can learn to love them 

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