I am Lion, sweatshirt

I really love the designs from I am (the PDF patterns themselves are not layered, and all sizes are in black, so I don’t love them), and have made several Zebre and Apollon sweatshirts this summer.

I was not sure about the Lion; the giant puff sleeves make the shoulders look very broad. But in the end I made it, and I have worn it ever since. Like with the Zebre I totally feel like a princes due to the sleeves <3 And I feel much more fancy than usual when wearing a sweatshirt.

The fabric started out as wheat coloured, and have tiny specks in different colours. I didn’t love this color on me, it washed out my face, so I coloured it a dark blue – the specks must be some sort of synthetic material, because they stayed, and I really love how it turned out! (I also had to redo my right sleeve, as the gathering was not even in the front).

I will make the bottom just a cm wider next time, and add the same to the waistband, as it is just a tine bit too tight there.

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