Ginger jeans

So, I finished my first wearable muslin of the Gingers, I made a detailed post about the fitting process. (A note on the photos: I got a new phone, and the camera is crazy bad, so I have tried to make the photos brighter for you to see whats going on in them). I cut a size 12 based on my hip measurements, and made a lot of alterations. I made them with the front pocket stay, and up until now I have avoided these, but wow, now I understand the fuss! It is so comfortable and a very nice feeling to have everything ion place – not tight and uncomfortable at all. Now I understand what mom jeans are about too – I enjoy the feeling of the high rise, but am not sure I like how they look on me.

All in all I am happy with them – I definitely learned a lot from making these, so the effort wasn’t wasted. And I got a wearable muslin too!

One thing I will try is to add the extra length in the legs below the knee point in stead of above. Maybe that is what is causing the wrinkles in the side of the thighs? Also, I did a knocked knee alteration, and it changed absolutely nothing. This had me take a closer look at my legs, and maybe I am not as much knocked kneed as.. I don’t know, very curvy on the outside of the thigh, and kind of wonky on the inside knee? It doesn’t seem that the line of the leg itself is very off-grain, but maybe the inside-knee-protruding causes the pulling of the fabric?

Also, when looking of these pictures of myself in skinny jeans, I think that maybe the stove pipe legs will be more flattering on me, balancing the hips better. I will try this!

Don’t even get me started on the pockets! It is crazy how much the pocket placement and shape of the pockets change the way a butt look! For a skinny jeans these are definitely not skinny enough, but they are veeeeeery comfy! To be tighter I would need denim with a tad more stretch than this havre, and as I will never wear these outside the house anyway, I will keep them comfy!

Look at that topstitching! I really enjoy making jeans, it is so neat! I have a very old Pfaff for topstitching, and it works so, so well. I never have problems with the thicker thread, and the machine itself was so cheap, I think it is around 20 years old.

I used a striped cotton for interfacing and pocket stays (a duvet from Ikea, actually), this works nicely as it is not stretchy at all, but nice and soft. As you can se the CB seam on the waistband is off due to all the fitting and inserting more length here.

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