Persephone pants in linen

Today I made my first pair of #persephonepants , but surely not my last! I skipped the waist band pockets, and added the back pockets from the Filippa pants. According to the sizing guide, I was between size 8 and 10 for the waist, and a straight 12 for the hips. After looking at photos and reading reviews, I decided to size up in the hips to avoid the draglines. I graded from size 14 at the hips to size 10 in the legs, and took in the waist in the back seam and a bit more in the darts. Lowered the waist 5 cm/ 2″, scooped the back curve and added to the back extension for more room for my fanny. I also curved the waistband. I made these alterations to the pattern pieces in Photoshop before projecting to the fabric – from projecting it took me 3 hours to complete these! They are very easy to make, and I am happy with the result. Fabric is a heavy weight linen. The top is Itch to Stitch hepburn turtleneck in DBP

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