Muslin’en the Orla dress – free pattern!

Wow, it is REALLY hot in Denmark right now (30 C/ 86 F), and has been for the past month. It is unheard of in Denmark! Usually it is not very warm here, not even in the summertime, but this year have been a record breaker (I read yesterday that this is the warmest May since 1887). SO nice, it feels like being on holiday in Spain!

I have very little clothing for this kind of weather though, and I really want a nice, floating summerdress (with pockets off course!). I found this free (!) pattern online, the Orla dress from French Navy, and after extensive Googlening decided to try it.

As I didn’t want to use my nice Rayon/ viskose for the muslin, I used old bedsheets, and now I really like this version with the birds! The fabric is a bit stiff, it is cotton.

I cut a size M based on my measurement. I started sewing the bodice, and needed to move the front darts more towards center, and adding length mid front due to my larger bust. In the back I added two small darts on the back in the neck as it was gaping, and made a swayback adjustment, removing fabric from both bodice and skirt. I think I will remove just a tad more here. I added 3 cm/ 1″ in length. I omitted the zipper center back, as I can just get it one without a zipper. If I would have kept it, I would have moved it to the side seam, as I prefer zippers here. So really, only minor adjustments, and just the ones I usually do (except the moving the front dart to the center – are my boobs very close together? I learn the strangest things about my body by sewing!). I will be adding side seam pockets too!

This dress has a casual/ loose fit, which is very nice in this weather. I am not totally sure that I love this loose fit, but maybe it is just because I am more used to a tighter fit – also, I usually wear jersey dresses that are more fitted and more stretchy. I will sew this in the lightweight Rayon too though, as I can see this dress get a lot of wear when it is hot, and the volume of the skirt will most likely be less when made in a softer Rayon.

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