Morgan boyfriend jeans

I’m continuing my quest for the perfect jeans, now trying the non-stretch version. I have made the Morgans, in a beautiful dark 8 oz denim. I even did some distressing!

Based on my hip measurement (105 cm/ 41.3″) I chose size 14 as I was between size 12 and 14, and the pattern suggest you size up, The were a bit large, so I took in an additional 2 cm/ 0.8″ in both sides from hip to bottom of legs, 4 cm/ 1.6″ in all.

Now they feel perfect around the hips, however they still do feel kind of baggy in the low butt/ back thighs area. However, I am a skinny-jean kinda girl, so maybe this is intentional? In the front view I don’t like the droopy fabric in the thigh area.

From the pattern I made the following changes on this pair:

– 1 cm/ 0.4″ low butt adjustment
– 1 cm/ 0.4″ flatt butt adjustment
– Shaved 1,5/ 0.6″ cm of inner thigh back
– Added 5 cm/ 1.8″ in length

The next pair I will:

  • Make a sway back adjustment of 1,5 cm/ 0.6″
  • Slim down the back thigh
  • Make additional 1 cm flat butt adjustment
  • Knock knee adjustment

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