Lonetree v3 – adding lining

I really love the Lonetree jacket, and my second version in denim turned out really well. But it is freezing in Denmark right now, so I decided to make a lined version as well. I used a yellow cotton twill and lined with a navy polyester quilt.  There are a lot of pattern pieces, which is a bit intimidating to me, but the sewing is not difficult at all – just time consuming.

I just combined the two fabrics, the lining and the outer fabric, overlocking the pattern pieces together, and treated them as one piece in the sewing proces. I am a bit anxious about the yellow fabric getting stained easily, but crossing my fingers that it won’t. I really like the way the blue and yellow look together (and see, Gauss is impressed with my sewing skills too!).

I used the same size as for my denim version, as it was very roomy, so it should not be a problem with the added bulk from the lining (I used size L, graded to between L and XL at the hips). I think the size is fine for this lined version, even though I could definitely slim the sleeves down a bit. The hood could be just a bit larger, I will add some height in the next version, and also slim it down as the pattern pieces don’t fit.

This is before I added the buttons:

I have made the following alterations, the same as for the black denim version:

– Added 1 cm/ 0.4″ at armscye, and raised it the same amount (as I have square shoulders. On the denim version I just folded this amount down at the neck as I use to, I hope by doing it this way some of the weird stuff going on on the denim version with the hood/ etc will not happen)
– Body lengthened 4 cm / 3.2″ (zipper length: 75 cm/29.5″)
– Pockets: added plaques to make more space
– Lowered the placement of the small pockets about 1 cm/ 0.4″

I think Tesla is impressed too! Or he is looking forward to plant a dirty paw on this jacket..

For this one, I shortened the zipper an additional 2 cm/ 0.75″, as I’m not crazy about the look where the zipper goes to the bottom of the jacket. To me, the most difficult part of sewing this jacket is getting the seam at the zipper totally straight, and the front corners crisp. Room for improvement!

I also wanted to add a pocket inside the jacket, and spent some time constructing this, adding it to the lining before combining the lining and the outer fabric, so the stitches wouldn’t show on the outside. AND then I forgot that on the outside there are pockets too, and I should have added them too, before combining the lining and the outer fabric. Gah! So, the pockets on the outer fabric would have sewn the inner pocket shut. I decided to remove the inner pocket, as it is not strictly necessary on this jacket as there are plenty of pockets. But I LIKE inner pockets! Also, it would have looked overall nicer on the inside of the jacket if I had sewn the outside pockets on BEFORE combining the lining and the outside fabric. Well, learned something for the next time!

Also, always a good sign when I am planning the next make of a pattern I am sewing – for this, I am planning a winter-Lonetree-Jacket, lined with Thinsulate. When I look at these pictures, I think that I should raise the drawstring about an inch.

I am very happy with this make, and predict it will get a lot of wear 🙂

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