Lander pants

I love sewing jeans and pants, and have made several Liana stretch jeans from Itch to Stitch (10 pairs? 15 maybe?), Morgan jeans, Dawn jeans and many more. I also love buying patterns, even though a pant is a pant, and it is pretty easy to adjust waist height/ leg width to look like the “new” sparkly pattern I want. So, I bought the Lander pattern from True Bias.

I love the end result, but the PDF pattern is not layered, and all lines are black. This makes it pretty much impossible to get details right. Even worse for me, as I use projector, the lines just blurred together even more. I really should never, ever buy PDF patterns where the file is not layered.

I chose size based on my hips (2 sizes larger that the size for my waist), and just adjusted side seams + back darts. This worked out well. The waist band is straight, and I thought about curving it, but didn’t. The first day the pants gaped a bit at the back, but after the denim relaxed and the pants sit a bit lower, they now sit very well.

I took a bit out of the back curve (low butt adjustment) and that was it. They are just a smidgen tight in the crotch, so for my next pair I have lengthened the front crotch hook a bit, copying from my Dawn pattern that fits me well. I can see this is common in this pattern when looking on others versions, almost all have lines from the front. The pattern piece does look strange, with almost no hook in the front.

The fabric is a cheap, 8 oz denim from Rijs textile.

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