Knitting a la Lærke Bagger

I have knitted two sweaters, inspired by the wonderful book by Lærke Bagger “Strik”. I have never knitted so fast in my life before, the colours are so fun to knit – and all my usual knitting anxiety are gone. For the striped one I used the bad idea scrap technique, love the book (I heard it is coming in English too)1 For the blue/red etc one one I used the petiteknit novicesweater as a base, I just changed it to raglan as I went. For the pink/green/white etc one I used the no limits sweater from the book. I made the neck as per the instructions first, but found it too low, so I changed it to regular raglan – this way I can wear it both ways too! Also, mine does not sit on my hips as the photos in the book. I’m not sure why, the instructions does not have and increase after the ribbing, so I’m not sure how the ribbing can be tight and the knitting above loose. but I just love this sweater!

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