Kelly anorak – not worth the hassle

I need a jacket that is water proof, as it rains a lot where I live. I have been browsing around for a pattern, and thought about making another Lonetree jacket as I love that pattern, but I wanted to try something new 🙂 I have been eying the Kelly for a while, but became a bit skeptical when reading through the reviews; a lot of people mentioned pattern pieces that didn’t fit, too tight sleeves etc. But in the end I decided that I like the look and the large hood of the Kelly enough to try to tackle these obstacles.

I bought the Kelly pattern + the lining extension, as some of the testers mentioned that the sleeve issues were solved in the lined version, and I wanted to add a lining anyway. On the Lonetree I just underlined the pattern pieces with lining, but this time I wanted to try making a real lining.

I printet the pattern and was already tired – there is no option for printing only the size you need, no layers, and to top this all sizes are lined in black. This makes the tracing very annoying, and where the pattern curves, all the black lines melt together to one, thick line. It is impossible to trace accurately in these places.

When using a PDF pattern I really want the layer option, as this is the only upside to PDFs over printed patterns (other than the quick delivery). At least I want different colors for the different sizes. Also, I needed to cut the pattern piece for the front pockets again, and there is an overview of the PDF, but no side numbers on the overview. It took some time and counting pages to figure out which pages I needed to print again (page 39, 40, 43 and 44). For a pattern this expensive, I would except these things to be tested thoroughly, and I would except layers for the different sizes and the convenience of different colors for the different sizes. I have to say again: If you are looking for a sewing pattern, go to itch to stitch, they have brilliant patterns where everything is so easy for you as a sewist 🙂

Back to the Kelly: I cut a size 8, based on my measurements, and traced to size 12 at the hips. I also added 2 cm/ 0.8″ to the sleeve length. I thought about moving the armscye up by 1 cm/ 0.4″, and also moving the shoulder point in by 1 cm/ 0.4″ as these are my regular adjustment to any pattern, but looking at the finished versions online I decided to wait with these modifications. I added a pocket on the inside lining for creditcard and phone. I also altered the pockets, as the flap on the Kelly is just for show, it does not close the pocket. This really puzzles me – why would anyone have the hassle of adding a flap, and then not make it functional? So I changed the pocket.

There is a LOT of pattern pieces, and cutting and fusing the interfacing took me 2 full days.

Then I started sewing, and I have to say that I find the instructions confusing. I found some articles on closet case patterns website (not a full sew-along, but the most important parts) and with them and the instructions it went OK. I had to rip some seams where I had misunderstood the instructions. Again, I don’t understand why they are so unclear. I have made 2 jackets this year and found it hard to understand the Kelly instructions even though the sewing itself is not difficult.

When I had sewn the outer jacket I tried it on, and was actually quite pleased:

But then I tried to raise my arms.. And the sleeves restrict any motion up or forward. As I will be using this jacket a lot when biking this is a total no-go:

This is how far my arm will go, and have a look at that very tight upper arm.

Thats it, I am officially giving up. I will make this jacket using the Lonetree pattern in stead. I might adapt the hood from the Kelly, but right now I have put it aside. Grrr!

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