Jalie Helene cardigan

This morning I made the Helene cardigan, in a lovely, sooo soft grey/ orange stripe jersey, and I have to say I’m torn. I love the pockets, it was a very fun sew with the unusual construction techniques, but I have to say that I feel it is an unfinished pattern overall.

For example, the finish of the hemline is just to fold under, and in my opinion that gives the cardigan a very “homemade” look, and not in a good way.

Also, I think the silhouette is a little odd, it is very square and boxy. I love the large pockets and think the construction way is fun and unusual, but the fold in the front where there aren’t any pockets are a bit bulgy. The sleeves are very tight fitting, which was surprising to me, as I usually have to take sleeves in – I cannot wear even a tight fitting long sleeved top under the Helene.

Now I realize that all photos on the pattern is with the model with her hands in the pocket – I can see why, as the cardigan looks much nicer that way 🙂

Will I make it again? I might, but then I would add a different collar to make a more professional finish, and I would probable also round it slightly in the front, as I don’t think the sharp corners are very flattering.

I am really surprised – I only tried the Eleonora before this, and that pattern was very well drafted. Now I am half-panicking as I bought a ton of Jalie patterns after the Eleonora, and now I worry about the finish of these.

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