Jalie 2805, bulk production!

So, I have decided to not buy ANY ready-to-wear (RTW) in 2018! OK, emergencies can arise, and therefore I have allowed myself to replace shoes/ underwear/ swimwear. But everything else I must make myself. By 2019 I hope to wear only me-made, so I am trying to replace my RTW with me-made (and give the RTW to friends).

First step has been to bulk produce long sleeved T-shirts. It is so cold in Denmark right now, and I need something to wear under my itchy wool sweaters. I have a ton of high street T-shirts, but now I have made a ton of me-made that I love! I do have a thing for stripes, but also really likes this floral one.

I made 2 black as well, to have some basic ones too. I have been working on these for a few weeks, doing a little bit most days, as I really think it is so boring to make t-shirts! Now I just need to hem the leopard one and the one with the birds, then I am all done!

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