Sewing Arum dress

I’ve made the Arum dress from Deer and Doe; a nice, floaty dress. The back is shaped with princess seams, and the front is one piece, including the sleeves! I made the neck with bias (this piece is not included or described in the pattern, so I just made it 1″ wide and used my usual way to make it, not following the directions in the pattern). I also lengthened the dress by 10 cm/4″ – I could maybe shorten it a little. I added in seams pocket, but it was too bulky. Maybe if I raise them a bit it will look better, but for now I just removed them.  I followed the sizing chart, making size 40 on top, 42 at waist and 44 at hips. I could probably have made it 42 at hips if I want a more slim silhouette.  I think the fabric is a heavier rayon/ viscose.

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