Itch to stitch, Jacqueline Hoodie with color blocking

So, yesterday I made my Jacqueline hoodie, from cutting and finishing up it took all day.

My measurements for bust and waist put me in size XS, and hip in size M. Thankfully, the final measurement of the garment is included, and by comparing to a hoodie I love I could see that I needed to cut a straight size S (I could have gone down to XS in the bust, but prefer a looser fit here).

The fabric is very soft and warm, sort of French Terry with fleece fur on the back. This fur made my serger and sewing machine hate it; several times a fur ball stopped the machines. Also, I broke 2 needles making this. Really: Not my favorite project, I absolutely hated making this! But now I love, love, love the hoodie, so all is forgotten and forgiven 

I have never made this type of jacket before, and was confused about how it went together, and by the gazillion pattern pieces. I made color blocking, but was unsure how to get it right with the front panels and side panels. I never succeeded with this, but have decided that this is now a design feature and not a fault!

I also had a lot of trouble getting everything to fit together. The front pieces didn’t fit together, one was longer than the other, and I was afraid to stretch to fit, as I didn’t want to have wrinkles. I ended up trimming the excess fabric, but am still unsure what would have been the correct thing to do here. Also, the hood front calls for 1.9 cm seam allowance, but then the binding cannot reach over it. I ended up trimming the seam allowance but think this must be wrong, because why not have 1 cm seam allowance then?

I messed up the front panels, I sewed the cuffs on the wrong way around, I stitched the pockets to the waist binding by mistake etc etc. I unpicked a LOT of times, and some of the things I unpicked, I later found out were actually correct.. Argh! Navy thread on navy fabric, really not nice to unpick 😝

When I was halfway through, I was so hysterical I thought about throwing the project to the bin, and I was certain that I would NEVER make this again! The instructions are thorough and with drawings and everything as always, I just couldn’t seem to wrap my head around it, and some strange things were going on with the pattern pieces.

But – then came where everything went together and I could try it on. And I have to say, it was worth all the trouble, as I LOVE!!!!!!!!! this hoodie! It is just perfect, perfect, perfect!! My husband said “wow, that is the most beautiful thing you ever made”, and I have to agree with him  I have worn it all day today, and absolutely love how warm and soft it is, and how fancy it looks 

I will make (at least) one more, and will leave out the inner front panel to avoid the excess bulk in the front. Also, I plan to integrate the front panel in the front pieces, and have the waist lining go through the front panel as well. And of course, I hope to align everything better etc on the next one 😆 But I will definitely wear and love this. 

(the jeans are Lianas, also from itch to stitch)

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