Willamette shirt

I have made the Willamette shirt from Hey June Handmade in cotton, I might try rayon/viscose next time for a softer drape. Well, this is actually number two Willamette for me; no 1 I lengthened way too much (9 cm), and used a too stiff interfacing in the collar. I also made it in size 2, which was a snug fit, a bit too snug for my liking. This time I only lengthened it 6 cm, and used a softer interfacing. I made a straight size 4 (the pattern puts me in size 6 bust and size 12/14 hip). I did taper a bit out at the bottom, but only about 1 cm. I closed the neckline pretty much, as I don’t like gaping necklines – I often ride a bike and don’t enjoy flashing strangers. I’m pretty happy with it.

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