Busan top

I have made the Busan top from Itch to Stitch, and really like it! ITS patterns are always very well made, pattern pieces matching, notches etc precise placed, and pattern files always layered so you can choose your size. This pattern is actually very projector friendly as well, as all pattern pieces for the main fabric are oriented the same way.

I made the alterations in photoshop (adding 1,5″ to sleeve length, I have since changed this to 2″ as they are a tad short, blending size 8 on top/ 10 at hip, and making forward sloping shoulder adjustment, which I have made a bit less now as I overdid it slightly). All in all I spent 2,5 hours in PS, projecting, cutting and sewing. I love my projector! So fast.

I’m trying to stand so you can see the pretty sleeves; just enough puff to be pretty I think! The puff is from pleats and not gathered, which makes it so much easier and faster! I did the neck band another way that suggested in the pattern, as I prefer to sew one shoulder, sew neckband and the close the other shoulder. I find it easier to get the tension just right this way.

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