I am joy

Ok, I am really enjoying the patterns from I am at the moment! Yesterday I made the I am Joy , and I really like it! I made it in a woven rayon/ viscose, my all time favourite fabric. Soft, silky, lovely drape and easy to sew.

I made size 40 on top and 44 at the bottom, made forward shoulder adjustment, added 3 cm to the bodice length and lowered the apex point 2 cm.

I made all adjustments in Photoshop, and used my projector to project the pattern to the fabric. Huge time saver!

For my next I have taken the neckline 1,5 cm in in both sides to avoid showing the bra straps. I might reduce a bit from the width, I will compare it with the Scout that fits me very well. I might also add a bit of length to the sleeves.

I loved the sleeve before adding the elastic, and spent a lot of time contemplating which way to go – in the end I added elastic to the sleeves. But I think they look great without as well!

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