Greenstyle Chelsea pants in stretch denim

I am still in my easy-sewing-phase, and have been eyeing the pants with a bit more volume in the bottom. I have the Lianas and the Thurlowe, and have made a mash-up, but just didn’t feel like making them. Too much work.. I needed an easy project! After a bit of Googling I found the Chelsea pants and bought it.

The pattern is layered, so very easy to print and assemble. I went with a straight size M, as my fabric has a LOT of stretch, maybe around 40-50%. As per my measurements I would be a size L in the hips and M elsewhere, and for future versions with less stretchy fabric, I will probably add a bit room at the hips. For this fabric size M is perfect.

I used a very stretchy blue denim, and before I cut out the fabric I scooped the back crotch curve a bit, flattened the front crotch curve and added a few inches in length. I also removed 8 cm/3″ width/ flare from the bottom of each leg (4 cm/ 1.5″ in each side), and I used the back pockets from my Ginger jeans, as I wanted functional pockets for my phone etc. (You see how I try to stand so you can see the flare of the legs 🙂

I sewed the pants up in no time, it is really, really easy, and the fit is spot on, I think I will get a lot of wear out of these, and as they are very comfy they might even get used around the house in stead of the leo joggers 😉

For my next version I have a few minor adjustments:

  • Take a wedge out MB to avoid the fold at back knee
  • Use the mid rise waist band in stead of the high rise
  • Lower the pocket placement around 1″
  • Maybe remove even more of the flare

I will definitely make more of these, I need them in black as well 🙂 And I really like the detail of the seam in the front.

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