Grainline scout tee

So, today I made this woven tee, as I could use a “nicer” looking tee. I really don’t like Grainline patterns I have to admit; I find the finish is often not very professional, and the PDFs patterns themselves are not done very nice. BUT they often have modern designs/ shapes that I like, so in the end I bit the bullet and purchased the pattern for the Scout tee.

Grainline don’t have layers in the PDFs, so you have to print all sizes. On most other PDFs you can choose what sizes to print, which make tracing and blending sizes so much easier. To top that, they have all sizes in black! I have no idea why they haven’t used different colors, I have never seen a pattern with the same color for all sizes before. These two things combined makes it very irritating to trace the size you need.

According to the sizing table, I am a size 2/4 bust, 6 waist and 12 hips. I traced size 6 for the upper part, grading to 12 at the hemline. I traced the size with a red pen to avoid cutting wrong.

Adjustments I made:

  • Flattening the shoulders
  • Blending sizes
  • Flattening curve in CF opening
  • Adding around 2 cm/ 0.8″ to CF bottom, as tops without darts are always too short here, due to my relatively large bust

I am usually not a very girly-girl, and never wear anything pink or flower-y, but this woven rayon is SO soft and light, and have the perfect summer house wibe for me.

I was reasonably happy with the outcome (besides – I am SO homemade in these pictures, that I even knitted the socks I am wearing!)

I think this top might actually look pretty good with skinny jeans (and no, I am not changing in to jeans for pictures, I am way too lazy for that!). I felt it was a bit too wide at the bottom though, so I took it in around 0.8 inches in both sides for a slimmer look. I think this is pretty perfect for what I want 🙂

I could even tuck them into my pants (and if the pants were not with pattern it would probably look even nicer):

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