Grainline Linden

Well, yes, even though I ranted about how much I hate the PDFs from Grainline yesterday, I made another pattern from them today.. Oh well, just goes to show that I really like their designs! This PDF was annoying as the others from Grainline (no layers, all sizes i black line), but I REALLY like this shirt!

I had Googled other peoples versions, and several people mentioned that this shirt has a very generous fit, so I dared to cut as per my measurements; a size 4 on top, grading to size 10 at the hem (per my measurements this should actually have been grading to size 12, but everyone mentioned it was huge, so I opted for 10). I usually don’t trust measurements for the top, as patterns don’t take into account how the volume is distributed; I have a very narrow back and generous bust, so I often end up with something too tight at the bust and way to big in the back.

I didn’t have any french terry or similar in my stash, so I chose a Rayon/Viskose jersey (have I mentioned how much I LOVE Rayon?? Why anyone would wear cotton is a mystery to me!). It has nice drape, but I suppose it is a bit lightweight for the Linden. I would have preferred white cuffs/ band/ neckline, but didn’t have any, so I just cut from the same fabric.

The shirt came out in the perfect size and length, wohoo!

The shorts are my muslin for the Itch to Stitch Tierras; I probably should sew them in some nice fabric, as I have been wearing these shorts every single day since I made them :p

I’m not sure how this shirt would be in a heavier fabric, it is not too large and bulky, though definitely roomy, and this might be a problem in a heavier fabric. This is  so nice and casual! I’ve seen several people mention that the sleeves are too long and too wide; they fit me perfectly (but my dad use to say that I have a large “Gorilla Factor”, so I guess I have long arms).

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