FINALLY summer! Tierras woven joggers

Finally, finally, finally! After a loooong grey winter (and fall), and endless “spring” with low temperatures, rain ond no sun at all – now spring is here! It is so lovely with the birds singing, the sun shining, the blue sky! Yay. But also, I have no pants to wear.. I have army shorts, I have short-shorts, I have jeans, I have joggers, but not anything remotely “nice” to wear. And this week we had two “nice” events, my parents celebrated their joined 76-birthdays, and we went to Noma(yes, the worlds best restaurant, no less; it was an AWSOME experience). And I attended both events in my black jeans. It was way too hot, and it was no where “nice” enough for these occasions! So, as I am on a RTW fast for 2018, I knew I had to sew some pants.

In my pattern folder I have tons of itch to stitch patterns, they are in my opinion the best, most well drafted patterns out there. The style is often too “nice” for me, but that is what works so great for basics! For example, I use Lianas for jeans, Lisbon for cardigans and have tons of their patterns on my to-do list (I just counted more than 10 ITS patterns in my folder :p).

I chose the Tierras, as they are very simple and have pockets – a must have for me. I figured I can make wit fun patterns for a more casual look, and all black for a more formal look (that I would have worn in stead of the black jeans..). I love Rayon/ Viscose, and find the woven version to be the most comfortable fabric when it is warm. It is so light and breathable, love it. I picked up a few different woven viscoses in the fabric shop near to our house, and have made the first pair in a navy/ white pattern.

I made size 10 from waist to hips, and size 8 below. Also, I made a few changes: Scooped the back out a bit, lowered center front 1 cm/0.4″ , and raised the rise 2,5 cm/ 1″, as I had read several reviews stating the raise was a bit low. Now I think I didn’t have to do that actually. Also, I added 4 cm/ 1.6″ to the length of the legs. They are a bit long and I like that 🙂

When I look at the back, I think I could take some of the back “pointy thing” of, thus performing a flat butt adjustment. I am cunfused about my backside: For the longest time I thought I had a flat butt, but then I discovered that on the contrary, I have a large “Kermit factor” – a butt that sticks out, and skinny little legs below. And now this.. Oh well, sewing really has you thinking about your forms!

Also, I think I will lower CB a bit, as I don’t like that they are so high in the back. It is a good thing when crouching down of course, but not so much when standing. I think it looks a bit silly! I might go down to a size 8 all over too.

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