Duffel bag for art stuff

I recently made a bag for my brushes, paint and other stuff for when I am going to class – but then I bought a maulstick and it was a few inches longer than my bag. Oh well, back to the sewing machine! I used the Swoon Dallas as a starting point for this. I changed the size, omitted the pocket on the outside panel, made 3 pockets in the lining and 1 outside in the end panel and didn’t make the shoulder strap. This really isa what I needed; I can have all my stuff in there, and have enough pockets so I can find the stuff IO need.

I really like Swoon patterns, they have great instructions and I think the finish is very professional. Here you can see the lining pockets – I made 1 large and 2 slightly smaller.

I added the outside pocket to the end piece – the fabric in the end is from the very first item I sewed, a dress my aunt helped me make (I think about it as my porcelain-fabric). I think about her every time I see this bag 🙂

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