Driftless cardigan in French terry

So, after I made the Jalie Helene and wasn’t thrilled, somebody pointed me to the driftless cardigan (Thank you!!). This is exactly what I was looking for! The details are very nice, with binding in stead of just turned seams, and I also like the fit a lot better – still oversize, but not boxy 🙂 And oh, the pockets <3 I have actually increased them by 2 cm/ 0.2″ for my next one.

I love this fabric, a nice, heavy, warm French Terry, with a soft backside and a lovely mustard color with small dots of pink and turquoise. However, it is not the perfect choice for a cardigan, as it is a bit difficult to pull over a jersey. But, I have worn it ever since I made it, and absolutely love it, so not a dealbreaker. I will definitely make more, however in a fabric with less structured backside.

My measurements for bust and waist put me in size 6, and hip in size 10. I am so happy that Grainline include measurement for the finished garment as well, I could see that size 6 would fit nicely over my hips. So, a straight size 6 it was.

However, when I tried it on, the sleeves were way to narrow. Thankfully I had enough fabric to make new sleeves. I added 3 cm/ 1.2″. They are actually still a bit tight, but wearable, but I think I will copy the sleeves from an existing cardigan for the next one.  

Then, the neck band. Now done in a nice way in the pattern, but boy it was tough to get it to look nice!  This band is made were you turn the corners, and I think that works very well in wowens, but not so much in knits. For my next one, I will finish the neckband, press it and just overlock/ serger it on for a nice finish.

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