Adjusted Jalie 2805 with short sleeves

So, still working on my t-shirt production (I have to say, MUCH more fulfilling than working on fitting pants hahaa!). I like Jalie 2805 for a fitted long sleeved tee, and tried to make a few short sleeved yesterday. The fabric is viskose/ rayon that I love! Soft and nice drape.

For the purple tee I added 2 cm/0.8″ mid front and mid back, besides that it is true to my pattern, that is slightly adjusted; flattened shoulder slope, wider hips. I think I might actually add this to my long sleeved versions as well, as it gives a bit more relaxed fit that I like. (The leggins are the Ninjas ).

For my next version I wanted a more classic/ retro fit. I have been struggling with this, as I am very much pear shaped. So if I make a boxy t-shirt, the shoulders are way too wide, or if the shoulders fit it is too narrow at my hips. So I tried to just make a straight line from under the arms and to the hips:

It came out OK, but not totally the look I am going for. I have one HM t-shirt that I like, so now I have tried to make a new pattern drafted from that. Stay tuned for that version (Also, I will be working on getting the print on straight!).

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