Ada hoodie from Schnittchen patterns

My most beloved hoodie has been worn to pieces, and I needed to make a new one. I spent a lot of time browsing hoodie patterns, and ended up choosing the Ada – mostly because of the colour blocking on the sleeves. It is not very hard to make, but if a designer did it for me it was even easier!

But, I have to say: I did not like this pattern. I used the A0 file, as I use a projector, and not one pattern piece was aligned. Even the ones that looked straight, was ever so slightly off. So I had to use photoshop to straighten every piece before being able to project and cut.

No piece was on grain. Every grain-arrow was off, some a lot (hood piece – maybe a feature, but sure strange) some just a little. The front and back piece are placed at fold, but if you choose to follow the grain arrow, they will be just a little bit off grain.

The color blocking. OMG. It is just indicated by lines on the sleeves. So again, I had to trace for new pattern pieces. It would have been much easier if the designer had created the pattern pieces for the colour blocking. This way it was not easier than if I had made the lines my self.

I used Organic isoli from Stof&stil, 100% cotton, width 165 cm, 505 g/m.

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